The Many Powerful Benefits of Beetroot Powder

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The benefits of beetroot powder are similar to beets with one exception: beetroot powder is much more concentrated than beets. This is because beetroot powder is simply dried beets (Beta vulgaris).  

Much of the healthy aspects of this colorful vegetable are related to its high nutrient and antioxidant content. 

One of the main antioxidants in beets called betalain, is fairly unique to beets. 

No other commonly eaten food has betalain besides beets

It also contains a lot of nitric oxides, which help many aspects of health.

Let’s take a deeper look at all of the health benefits of beetroot powder.  

Benefits of beetroot powder overview

Beets are one of the top ten foods highest in antioxidants, which makes them great for reducing oxidative stress in the body. 

Because of its rich antioxidant content, beetroot powder can help just about every aspect of health. 

Additionally, it contains compounds called dietary nitrates that have numerous benefits.

Has a lot of nutrients

Beets contain a lot of nutrients.  

But keep in mind, they aren’t quite as concentrated in these nutrients as foods like beef liver.  

For example, beets contain a good amount of folate at about 20% of the daily value. 

But for all other nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and copper, the amounts are typically less than 10% of your daily recommended intake. 

The magic of beets and beetroots is truly in their antioxidant content and natural nitrate content. No other foods rival beets for their antioxidant content called betalain.

Betalain from beets is an antioxidant that helps boost immune function, may reduce blood sugar spikes, and may help protect the brain.

And unlike the nitrates in processed foods, natural nitrates from beetroot powder turn into a powerful and healthy compound called nitric oxide.    

Helps lower blood pressure

Among its many health benefits, beetroot helps lower blood pressure. 

The natural dietary nitrate and antioxidants found in beetroot help to dilate blood vessels.  This is why beets can help reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 

According to a recent review of research published in Nutrition and Metabolism,  the majority of research shows that beetroot juice reduces blood pressure levels

Reduces cancer risk

Like many antioxidant-rich foods, beetroot may reduce the risk of cancer.  

It may even help support the treatment of cancer according to early research.  

A couple of ways it may reduce cancer is by promoting cell death of tumor cells and reducing the spread of these abnormal cells.

Beet powder may even help support traditional cancer treatment by increasing tumors to be more sensitized to chemotherapy, although more research is needed in this area. 

Increases athletic performance

The health benefits of beet powder include the fact that it can help with workouts and exercise. 

Beetroot powder benefits workout routines because it increases nitrate levels.  By doing so, research shows that beetroot helps to increase energy during exercise by delaying exhaustion.  

Some studies even show improvements in power output during exercise.  

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Benefits of beetroot powder for the skin

Antioxidant and nutrient-rich foods like beet extract are also good for the skin.  This is because antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress in skin tissue. 

One potential beetroot powder benefit for the skin is that it contains glucosylceramide. This compound helps make ceramides, which are known to be good for the skin.  

In fact, several studies show that this compound from beets helps protect the skin barrier

Early research even shows that beetroot juice supplementation may help hold moisture in the skin and increase skin thickness.   However, this needs to be validated in human studies. 

Reduces cardiovascular disease risk

In terms of benefits, beetroot powder is great for the heart. Research suggests that beetroot powder helps reduce LDL cholesterol while improving the good cholesterol called HDL. It may even help prevent diabetes. 

Many aspects of beetroot juice support a healthy heart and healthy circulation.  

For instance, beetroot powder helps to dilate blood vessels because it is rich in dietary nitrate that makes nitric oxide.  

By the way, many leafy green vegetables and pomegranates also contain nitrates. 

These compounds are key in helping dilate the blood vessels.  By doing so, beet juice helps circulation and blood flow improve. 

Reduces peripheral vascular disease

Graphic of the circulatory system in a woman running on a black background by The Healthy RD

Arteries in the legs, arms, fingers, and toes are called peripheral arteries.  Beets are protective for this part of the cardiovascular system too. 

Among its many benefits, beetroot may even help in cases of very poor circulation conditions like intermittent claudication.  This condition is caused by peripheral artery disease and causes severe pain when walking.

A recent research paper published in Circulation Research demonstrated that beetroot powder given over 12 weeks was able to increase exercise tolerance, including the 6-minute walk test and blood flow to leg muscles in people with intermittent claudication. 

While this paper is considered preliminary, there is little to lose when people want to eat more beetroot. 

Benefits of beetroot powder for gut health

Among the many benefits of beetroots, beet juice powder benefits the gut too. Like many healthy foods, beets have prebiotic fibers in them. 

These fibers known as pectin and pectic-oligosaccharides help improve the gut microbiome by increasing Bifidobacterium. 

Beets also help increase healthy fats in the gut called short-chain fatty acids.  These healthy fats both feed the gut and help maintain a healthy immune system

Not to mention, beets are rich in antioxidants which reduce inflammation.  This always provides beneficial effects on the gut barrier

May keep your brain healthy

Foods like beets are rich in natural nitrates

These compounds increase blood flow to the brain, which is always a good thing. 

Additionally, the antioxidant content of beets is helpful for protecting brain cells from free radicals.

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May help people with Raynaud’s disease

Beet powder health benefits conditions like Raynaud’s as well.  The main reason is that beetroots increase blood vessel function according to new research. They also dampen inflammation.

Additionally, it helps decrease blood pressure in people with this condition. 

Beet powder benefits the liver

Like many antioxidant-rich foods, the benefits of beet powder extend to the liver. 

By dampening inflammation compounds like lipopolysaccharides, beetroot is good for dampening the damage of toxins in the liver

Beetroot benefits for men

Just like women, men’s reproductive health is damaged by inflammatory conditions. But, beets are used to help with men’s health more frequently because it has the added benefit of increasing nitric oxide.  

Nitric oxide supplements help to treat erectile dysfunction according to Healthline, and beets fit into the category as a nitrate supplement. 

Beetroot powder uses

Collage of beetroot powder foods, including beetroot juice with decorative beets in heart shapes, beetroot and berry smoothies, and beetroot spread for crackers by The Healthy RD

Beetroot powder is easy to use, and people who don’t like beets often find that they like the taste of the powder.

It’s easy to mix beetroot powder easily into smoothies and other beverages. 

You can also add powdered beets to baked goods as well. 

By adding beetroot powder to recipes, you also add natural red food color to dishes. 

People tend to use anywhere from ¼ teaspoon to a heaping teaspoon in recipes, so a beetroot powder supplement can last a long time. 

Around 1 teaspoon is equal to about 1 whole beetroot. 

You can also get beetroot powder benefits from eating beetroot chews.  Superbeets chew benefits are that they are very tasty, concentrated, and highly rated. 

Commonly asked questions

Do beets cause kidney stones?

Although beets do contain oxalates, there is no cause for concern when eating beets and kidney health according to WebMD

At the root of kidney stone issues appear to be larger imbalances, such as an altered microbiome or insufficient calcium intake. 

Beets are high in antioxidants so they most likely have a protective effect on liver and kidney health in most people. 

But, as always, you should check with your healthcare provider before adding beetroot powder to your diet. 

Do beets health with weight loss?

No research has specifically been conducted to determine if beets help with weight loss.  

However, they are low in calories and high in fiber, so they very well may help people manage their weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle. 

Is beet powder good for you? A summary

Powdered beetroot is made of dehydrated beets, so it retains nutrients and is rich in antioxidants just like beets are.  

So, it makes sense to add beetroot powder into your diet for many reasons. 

These dried beet powders are also more concentrated in antioxidants than fresh beets.  

Additionally, beetroot powders are easier to add to your daily routine than it is to eat fresh beets every day. 


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