The Heated Zonli Weighted Blanket Review. Spoiler: It’s Good!

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It’s the time of year when snuggling into a great blanket makes all the difference, so I’m reviewing the Zonli weighted blanket that is also heated. 

While I did receive a free heated weighted blanket from Zonli, the opinions in this post are my own.

Zonli Weighted Blanket Review

Zonli weighted blanket with me and my dog Enzo by The Healthy RD

First, this is the softest blanket I’ve ever had because of the wonderful fleece breathable texture. Unlike so many blankets that are synthetic on the exterior, this one is a comfy warming blanket for anyone. 

The Zonli weighted blanket has a heat setting that can warm you for 12 hours with 10 heat intensity settings. I love blankets, but this one is definitely a cut above most of them simply because of the texture. 

And I’m all about the texture.  I’ll pass on the fabrics that don’t breathe.  

The price is economical too at $68 per large throw blanket. 

If you happen to be looking for a cooling blanket, their line of blankets is also approved by the Sleep Doctor as the coolest cooling blanket of 2023. Also, Zonli blankets are approved by the Sleep Foundation. 

With 5-star review ratings on average from over 60 reviewers, I’m not the only person who has fallen in love with this blanket. 

How Does Zonli Compare to Other Weighted Blankets?

Zonli weighted blankets come in multiple sizes but if you are looking for an electric-heated weighted blanket, Zonli stands out. It comes in the generous size of 60” by 80” or 5 feet by 6’6”, making it fit most tall people. 

The cord is also 10 feet long, making it much more user-friendly in any living space than most heated blankets. And it is guaranteed to be safe as well. 

As far as throw blankets go, this one is cost-effective. You can save money on your energy bill by using a heated blanket like this too. 

It is weighted with glass beads and is free of microfiber beads, making this the most comfortable of all. And the weight doesn’t shift around inside the blanket like others I have had that ultimately end up on the floor because of this. 

While its fleece exterior is technically man-made, it feels breathable and luxurious at the 200 GSM weight. 

The only downside I can see is that you can’t machine wash this blanket, but you can spot-clean it. 

Zonli also makes a fantastic cooling comforter.

Why Buy a Weighted Blanket?

A heavy blanket that is weighted is extra cozy and calming for many people. 

Additionally, they are scientifically shown to improve mood. They also improve sleep quality for many people according to UCLA Health. I can attest to this as I took a long and much-needed nap the first day I used mine. 

The weight of a blanket can also help reduce body pains and even may reduce cramping in some people. 

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Why Buy a Heated Blanket?

Heated blankets significantly can save on energy costs and reduce your power bill. 

The quick warming can also be a soothing relief from a cold day in the snow. 

Other Zonli Blanket Options

Zonli makes some impressive comfy cooling blankets and cooling weighted blankets too. They come in duvet covers as well as futons which I will review.

The cooling comforter is made of bamboo and after using bamboo sheets, I’m so excited to try the Bamboo Cooling Weighted blanket. This bamboo weighted blanket comes in both Twin and Queen sizes and is available in 20 lb or 25 lb options. It works as a duvet cover that looks beautiful on any bed too while providing a restful night. 

Another option is the Zonli Bamboo Cooling Comforter which isn’t weighted but has moisture-wicking ability and its amazing bamboo fabric is very appealing on a hot summer night. Because it is bamboo, it is also great for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic too. 

Yet another great choice is the Bamboo 2.0 Cooling Weighted Blanket that ranges from 20-35 pounds of weight per blanket and is very highly rated as are all of the Zonli line of blankets. 

You can even get an extremely comfy futon mattress, which is on my list next. It makes a great impromptu bed for sleepovers and you don’t need to drag out a blow-up mattress. 

Zonli offers a battery-operated heated blanket that heats for 3 hours for your next outdoor sporting event or camping trip. 

Last but not least Zonli’s Cotton weighted blanket is a breathable blanket and 100% hypoallergenic way to find comfort in a weighted blanket. 

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