The Very Best Vitamins To Take According to Dietitians

For this post, I interviewed dietitians about the best vitamins to take. Not surprisingly, you may be missing out on vitamins and nutrients.

Getting advice about good supplements from experts in nutrition is the best way to get sound advice about vitamins.  Who has the most training in nutrients? Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Online dietitian experts talk here about their favorite vitamins for health, how much you need, and why these nutrients are important for your best health.

The Best Vitamins to Take: Vitamin D

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Chrissy Carroll, RDN, is a dietitian who owns Snacking in Sneakers, a website dedicated to helping athletes eat right and get good nutrition.  She writes about vitamin D and why even healthy athletes are often not getting enough vitamin D.

Snacking in Sneakers is a fun health website.  Chrissy shares posts about balancing food, fun, and fitness. Chrissy is a marathoner and triathlete herself, as well as a USAT Level I Triathlon Coach. Combining her professional and personal passions, she authored “Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes”.

The Best Vitamins to Take: Choline

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD is a dietitian and health writer for Better is the New Perfect website.  She writes a very compelling blog about the importance of choline and the VERY common deficiency of this critical nutrient.

Elizabeth is also a nutrition consultant and mother of three living in the Boston area. She is the author of several books. Her latest book is the second edition of Expect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy.

The Best Vitamins to Take: Vitamin C

Doug Cook RDN is the Gut-Brain Guy who is a bit of a nutrition rebel who focuses on Integrative and Functional Nutrition.  He reminds me of me!

Here, he writes about new research about vitamin C for optimal health and how you may benefit from this critical nutrient.

Ehlers Danlos and Vitamin C

Bonnie Nasar RDN is Nasar Nutrition.  She writes about Ehlers Danlos disease and mast cell diseases on her website.  It is wonderful to have dietitians with specialties in areas like these. Find out more about vitamin C for Ehlers Danlos and other important topics on her site.

Bonnie finds evidence-based solutions for brain fog, fatigue, and chronic pain. She has a private practice. Two of her children have cutaneous Mastocytosis; while some see this as a negative life event, she prefers to see the positive; their medical issues have gifted her with expertise to calm trigger-happy mast cells.

The Best Vitamins to Take: Iron

Iron is a key nutrient to keep us focused and energized.  Jeanette Kimszal RDN writes about iron, how to look for deficiency, and where to get the best iron.

Iron deficiency is especially common in women of childbearing age and young children.  Too little iron can even cause muscle aches and pains!


Iodine deficiency is really common. Iodine is a nutrient you are going to want to make sure you get enough of after reading another blog from Doug Cook, RDN.

This critical nutrient affects how your thyroid works, protects breast tissue from the damages of toxins, and more.


You can get a flu shot, but have you been paying attention to your nutrition for sickness prevention?  Many nutrients play a role in your ability to fight off infections, and zinc is one you don’t want to be without all year long.

Doug Cook, RDN writes about zinc, aging, and your immune system on his blog.

Vitamin Brands

Finding good vitamin brands can be exceptionally challenging, especially if you want ones that work.  Amy Gorin RDN writes about some really great supplement brands on her website. Amy is a registered dietitian nutritionist and media personality who has been featured in hundreds of national interviews.

Amy Gorin is a nationally recognized, award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), media personality, speaker, nutrition consultant, and writer in the New York City area. She was designated both a 2018 and a 2017 Unilever Agent of Change, as well as an April 2016 RD of the Day by Today’s Dietitian Magazine.

Best Heart Health Supplements

If you wait to take supplements to protect your heart, you’ve waited too long.  I write about the best heart health supplements, brands, doses, and more. For those who read my blog, you all know that I take a critical eye at the evidence and give you the most recent research.

Want to learn more?  Check out The Healthy RD.

Vitamins Not Recommended: Folic Acid

While many nutrients are low for people in the US, one nutrient can be too high. Which one? Folic acid.  Folic acid is a synthetic version of a nutrient called folate.

Jeanette Kimszal is a dietitian at the Jeanette Kimszal Nutrition website. She writes about nutrition deficiencies and food sensitivities.  Find out if you should watch out for folic acid nutrients and the dangers of getting too much.

Jeanette is an inspirational dietitian with a holistic and evidence-based approach to health.  I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanette and trust her well-researched advice.  She inspires her clients to empowered health! She also talks about 14 Essential Nutrients for Thyroid Health.

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