The 11 Best Saw Palmetto Supplements + Proven Benefits

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Saw palmetto is a fascinating plant that can help the body in so many ways, so this post reviews the proven benefits of saw palmetto, the best saw palmetto supplements, and how to use saw palmetto.

How the Best Saw Palmetto Supplements Are Rated

There are a lot of quality considerations to think about when buying saw palmetto supplements. 

Here are the specific criteria used for the best saw palmetto supplements in this post. 

GMP certification or 3rd party certification means that the saw palmetto product is independently inspected by an unbiased company for quality and purity. 

Strength of the saw palmetto is also taken into consideration because research shows that a higher dose of saw palmetto is more effective for certain health concerns such as benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). 

Standardized extract means that the supplement has a guaranteed amount of the active compounds in saw palmetto known as fatty acids and sterols. 

Saw palmetto reviews are an important part of determining if a supplement is helping people feel better and if the product is as it is claimed to be on the label. For this post, products with a rating of greater than 4.5 stars and with at least 50 ratings are chosen over products with fewer ratings or lower ratings. 

Other beneficial ingredients can be helpful in the case of saw palmetto because it is often researched alongside other natural ingredients.  This includes plants like pumpkin seeds, plant extracts like astaxanthin or lycopene, or herbs like nettles. 

Saw Palmetto Price– value is an important factor to consider for many people who are on a budget, so the best value products are also listed in this post to help people get the most for their money. 

If you don’t have time to read the whole best saw palmetto supplements post, here is a quick overview of the best picks:

Best Saw Palmetto Supplements Overall

Pure Encapsulations Saw Palmetto Capsules


  • This is one of the best saw palmetto for prostate health because it is a pharmaceutical-grade supplement company that has rigorous 3rd party testing for purity. 
  • This product is also standardized to contain the highest percentage of total fatty acids of any supplement at 85%.
  • This means that you get more saw palmetto in a smaller dose. 
  • Each bottle has 120 servings per container 
  • Free of major allergens, including wheat, eggs, tree nuts & peanuts, and gluten  
  • It is also free of additives including artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, unnecessary binders, and fillers.  Also free of preservatives. 
  • It costs $0.57 per serving ($0.43 on Fullscript) at time of publication
  • Highly rated


  • Costs more than most

Most Potent Saw Palmetto for Prostate and Urinary Health

Triquetra Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules


  • Triquetra Saw Palmetto features the highest strength saw palmetto on the market because it is 100% oil extract using a natural CO2 extraction process. 
  • Great prostate health supplement because of its extraction method and concentration
  • It comes in a gelcap making it very easy to swallow and highly absorbable as well. 
  • Research shows that standardized extracts like this one are the most effective form of saw palmetto. 
  • Pharmaceutical Grade with 3rd party testing
  • Grown in Florida in its own natural habitat
  • Free of additives, fillers, solvents, and contaminants
  • Also has pumpkin seed oil which works well to complement the DHT blocker effects of saw palmetto
  • Gets great reviews
  • 60 servings per bottle with 1 gelcap as a full dose
  • Less pills are needed than many brands
  • With subscription costs $0.45 on Triquetra, and $0.50 on Amazon at the time of post-publication


  • More expensive than most

Best Saw Palmetto Supplements that are Organic

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Organic Supplement


  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest Organic contains whole berry saw palmetto powder in a capsule. 
  • Some experts claim that using the whole berry provides a broader spectrum of health benefits to improve prostate health and urinary health as well as hair growth
  • Great supplement to help support prostate health according to reviewers
  • All natural with no added fillers, colors, or chemicals for extraction
  • 100% USDA organic saw palmetto berries
  • 3rd party tested to be a high quality and pure saw palmetto supplement 
  • 45 servings per bottle
  • $0.24 per serving at the time of post


  • Not for vegetarians because it is in a gelatin capsule

Best Organic Saw Palmetto Tincture

Global Healing Center Prostate Health Tincture


  • This product contains all organic ingredients of saw palmetto, pumpkin seed extract, nettles, elderberries, turmeric, Tribulus, red clover, juniper, and pine bark extract
  • This tincture is made of an organic glycerin base
  • Free of alcohol, additives, chemicals
  • Its herbal blend supports the overall health and well-being of the urinary tract and prostate
  • 1-year full money-back guarantee
  • $0.58 per serving


  • May take a larger dose to achieve benefit according to reviewers

Best Saw Palmetto Supplements: Best for Women

Fully Vital Enhance Hair with Saw Palmetto

While most people view saw palmetto as a prostate health supplement, women often say that they look and feel better frequently when taking saw palmetto too. 

Fully Vital’s Saw Palmetto supplement contains saw palmetto fruit extract, 1000 mcg of biotin, 15 mg of zinc, 500 mg of maca root, natural folate, vitamin C, and turmeric extract per 4 capsules.

  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Highly rated
  • DHT balance blend with over 2000 mg of herbs including saw palmetto and ashwagandha for women that helps prevent hair loss
  • Also promotes urinary tract health and healthy hair growth in women
  • Some women find that it helps reduce body hair growth caused by PCOS
  • $1.96 per serving

Best Saw Palmetto Supplement- Based on Reviews

Dr. Mercola Saw Palmetto with Lycopene


  • Each Bottle of Organic Contains 30 Servings (30 Capsules) per Bottle
  • nonGMO
  • Free of dairy, soy, and gluten
  • Standardized 85% fatty acid concentration to help with urinary health and prostate health
  • Uses a growing method that yields higher amounts of active ingredients
  • Full 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Contains tilapia fish, gelatin, sunflower lecithin, and candelilla wax
  • $0.87 per serving at the time of post
  • $0.66 per serving on amazon
  • Drops available on Fullscript


  • Costs more than some brands
  • Contains fish so avoid it if you have a fish allergy

Best Saw Palmetto Supplements: Best Gelcap

Doctor’s Best Saw Palmetto Supplements

Doctor’s Best (gelcap) contains only gelatin, glycerol, and saw palmetto. Gel caps like these are a preferred form for many because they are easiest to swallow and they also are free of additives. 


  • Carbon dioxide extraction
  • Free of solvent residues
  • Supports the healthy function of the prostate gland and urinary tract
  • Highly reputable brand with great product reviews
  • Standardized to contain 85-95% fatty acids


  • In a gelatin capsule so not vegetarian

Best Whole Saw Palmetto Berry Supplement

Microingredients Organic Saw Palmetto Powder

This Microingredients Organic Saw Palmetto Powder is among the best brands of saw palmetto supplements because of its many quality features. 


  • 119 servings per bag 
  • $0.19 per serving
  • Grown sustainably in the US
  • Contains USDA organic saw palmetto berry extract powder
  • Free of additives, fillers, preservatives, and flavorings
  • Helps with both men’s and women’s urinary health
  • Tastes good if mixed in a shake or smoothie
  • Users state that powder forms of saw palmetto like this are easiest on the stomach


Contains only 8%-12% oil content because it is whole berry form

Best Saw Palmetto Supplements for Value

Solary Saw Palmetto Capsules

These Solaray Saw Palmetto Capsules are among the best saw palmetto pills because of their cost and quality.  


  • Only $0.07 per capsule
  • 360 saw palmetto servings per container
  • 580 mg per serving of whole saw palmetto berry
  • Wild harvested in Florida
  • GMP-certified brand that has great ratings
  • Rich in plant sterols that help support, hair, skin, prostate, and urinary health

Bulk Supplements Saw Palmetto Powder


  • Among the best saw palmetto brands
  • 500 servings per container in the 250-gram package, but you can get the large bag with 1000 servings in it
  • 500 mg of saw palmetto per serving
  • Anti-inflammatory berry that helps reduce inflammation throughout the body, especially the prostate
  • May help with hair thickness, strength, and growth
  • cGMP product
  • The only ingredient is pure saw palmetto berries


  • Some people don’t enjoy the taste of saw palmetto berries so it would need to be mixed in a flavored beverage

Best Saw Palmetto Supplements: Organic Powder

Nutricost Organic Saw Palmetto Powder

Nutricost organic saw palmetto powder is a very affordable saw palmetto supplement and it is organic as a big bonus.


  • USDA Organic
  • $0.09 per serving 227 servings (grams) per container at the time this post is written
  • Over a 7-month supply in each bag
  • Each serving is 1000 mg making it high-strength
  • Best saw palmetto supplement for skin according to reviews
  • GMP-certified supplement company


  • Whole berry supplements like this one have less overall plant sterols but some claim the whole berry is more effective

Whole Berry and Saw Palmetto Extract Supplement

Zhou Nutrition Saw Palmetto Supplement Capsules

Not surprisingly, Zhou Nutrition Saw Palmetto Supplement is a highly rated supplement that has some great quality features. 


  • Contains both extract and whole-berry powder
  • 450 mg of whole berry and 50 mg of extract
  • Reviewers state that this is the best saw palmetto supplement for hair loss
  • Good manufacturing practices company
  • Only $0.15 if you buy direct from the company (at the time the post was written)
  • Free of major allergens


  • Extraction method not listed

Honorable Mentions

Now Saw Palmetto is a prostate health product containing pure saw palmetto extract. However, the extraction method isn’t disclosed. 

Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto also is mentioned because it has the most reviews of any supplement but the saw palmetto extraction method isn’t listed. 

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a small palm shrub that grows in the southeastern part of the United States. 

Traditionally the small berries of the saw palmetto plant are used for hormonal balance and urinary health in both men and women. Because of its effects on hormones, it is also used as a sexual tonic and as a diuretic. 

In modern times, research shows that this berry is indeed helpful for many aspects of urinary and hormonal health. Let’s take a look at the research. 

Saw Palmetto Benefits

Overall, research shows support for the benefits of saw palmetto related to the following health concerns:

  • Urinary tract health
  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Elevated PSA
  • Regulating hair growth
  • Balancing testosterone
  • Helping with polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Improving quality of life

A recent panel of international urology experts concluded that saw palmetto is an effective treatment option for people with mild-to-moderate urinary or benign prostate symptoms. 

Let’s take a closer look at all of these benefits. 

Reduces Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

When it comes to saw palmetto, prostate issues as well as urinary issues may be alleviated. 

Symptoms of urinary tract issues that saw palmetto may help with include: 

In some cases, research shows that using saw palmetto is as effective or more effective than the prescription drug tamsulosin

Many of these studies didn’t see a difference in PSA levels.  However, this is because most of these studies used fairly low doses or didn’t use it in combination with other beneficial herbs.

Helps Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Elevated PSA

There is no question about the fact that saw palmetto is great because it helps support prostate health. 

In a recent clinical trial, the use of a higher dose saw palmetto at 500 mg per day enriched with beta-sitosterol helped reduce BPH symptoms and reduce PSA levels over 12 weeks. 

Therefore, the key difference in how saw palmetto helps PSA levels appears to be the use of higher doses.

Lower doses of 320 mg per day did not provide the same level of prostate benefits

When combined with lycopene and selenium, saw palmetto was as effective as the drug tadalafil for treatment of BPH.  This same combination was more effective than tamsulosin for BPH symptoms.

Combining saw palmetto with nettle root also helps with BPH symptoms, including nighttime urination. This combination also reduces overall prostate symptoms compared to placebo

Impressively, a review of over 12 studies concluded that saw palmetto was as effective as tamsulosen without the negative sexual side effects of tamsulosin. 

Most men who received saw palmetto during a research trial opted to continue taking it after the trial ended as well. 

Helps Hair Growth in Men and Women

Using saw palmetto may also help both women and men achieve more luscious hair. This is because this berry helps to block an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which helps to reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT. 

Using saw palmetto both orally and topically, helps to increase hair density, improve hair stabilization, prevent hair loss, and increase total hair count. 

Interestingly, research shows that using saw palmetto for hair loss is just as effective in women as it is for men. 

While more studies are needed, saw palmetto is seen as a safe supplement to try for hair loss.  

Reduces PCOS Symptoms in Women

Women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome may also benefit from using saw palmetto too.  This is because having PCOS is also related to high 5-alpha reductase levels.  

Saw palmetto may support women who have PCOS because it helps reduce 5-alpha reductase activity. 

Because of this, saw palmetto berries help to increase hair growth on the head while decreasing body hair growth which is seen in PCOS. 

While more research is still needed in this area, palmetto has anti-inflammatory effects that support a reduction in PCOS symptoms too. 

Saw Palmetto Nutrition

Saw palmetto is rich in nutrients like healthy fats.  These include caprilic acid, capric acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid. 

It is rich in sterols that not only help support healthy testosterone levels, but they help reduce cholesterol levels too. 

Additionally, saw palmetto contains many antioxidants, including potent ones like terpenes and a well-known antioxidant called quercetin

Because of these antioxidants, saw palmetto protects the body from free radical damage. 

Helps Balance Hormones in Men and Women

Another perk of saw palmetto is that it may help increase testosterone levels in men. 

One study found a significant testosterone boost in men after taking saw palmetto after taking a saw palmetto product at 320 mg for 3 months. 

Women also benefit from the hormonal shifts that saw palmetto can help with too. For example, palmetto reduced prolactin receptors in ovaries in early studies. It also reduces male hormone uptake in tissues

Certainly, more research is needed, but it is a safe herb for both men and women to try if they are working on balancing hormones in their bodies. 

May Improve Quality of Life

An important marker of health is called quality of life. If you have a high quality of life, you have better emotional and physical well-being.

One study determined that using saw palmetto at 320 mg per day resulted in a dramatic improvement in quality of life for men who have BPH. 

Yet another study found that saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil significantly increased the quality of life in men with BPH. 

It remains unknown if women with hormonal issues also have improvements in quality of life with the use of saw palmetto. 

Combining Saw Palmetto with Other Beneficial Compounds

Many research trials show that adding other herbs and nutrients to saw palmetto supplements may also enhance the effectiveness of saw palmetto. 

Nettles Root and Saw Palmetto

Two studies found that using saw palmetto along with nettle root was as effective as tamsulosin and finasteride for symptom control in people with BPH. 

Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto

In 42 healthy males, the combination of the antioxidant astaxanthin and saw palmetto increased testosterone levels while decreasing DHT and estrogen levels. 

This combination may even reduce the growth of prostate cancer cells, although more research is needed. 

Pumpkin Seed Oil and Saw Palmetto

Combining pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto helped to reduce PSA levels in men with BPH.  However, using saw palmetto alone or pumpkin seed oil alone was more effective at controlling the urinary symptoms of BPH in this study. 

Saw Palmetto Risks

Make sure to always check with your healthcare provider before starting to see palmetto supplements.

Using saw palmetto is generally regarded as safe and most research reports little to no side effects at all. 

Occasionally, people get some mild dizziness, headache, or GI symptoms when using saw palmetto.  

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or women on hormonal therapy should avoid taking this supplement because, like most supplements, they aren’t tested in this population. 

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How does saw palmetto work?

Most research shows that the benefits of saw palmetto are related to its ability to reduce 5-alpha reductase, which is an enzyme that breaks down testosterone. 

How much saw palmetto should I take?

Some studies use doses of 320 mg of saw palmetto per day, but it seems like a 500 mg saw palmetto daily dose may be more effective than lower doses according to research. However, standardized saw palmetto like the Pure Encapsulations brand is more potent at lower doses than whole berry form. As always, check with your doctor about the right dose for you. 

How long does it take for saw palmetto to work?

Some people notice that saw palmetto supplements work in a few days while others notice it can take over a month to start noticing saw palmetto benefits.

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