Image of a turqouise colored capsule with Mg and Magnesium written on it and magnesium rich foods like chocolate, almonds, spinach, bananas, chia seeds on a light gray background with title magnesium for IBS constipation by The Healthy RD

Magnesium for IBS: Everything You Need to Know

Can something as simple as magnesium for IBS help alleviate this uncomfortable condition?  The short answer is yes; magnesium has a mild laxative effect and also a calming effect on the body.   But let’s dig in some more to find out how magnesium helps alleviate constipation for people with IBS, food sources of magnesium, and […]

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A frosted donut with pastel sprinkles on a blue background with the wording Supplements for Sugar Cravings by The Healthy RD

Helpful Supplements for Sugar Cravings

Some dietary supplements for sugar cravings can help minimize and reduce the urge to overeat sugar.  And yet other supplements may help reduce the desire for sugar because they make your cells more responsive to glucose.  Not surprisingly, there are many research-backed nutritional supplements that can help you win the battle against sugar.     They will

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