Oxy Powder Review for Constipation and “Colon Cleanse”

Oxy Powder Review and a depiction of a healthy colon by The Healthy RD

Backed by 7 evidence-based research studies.

Let’s face it: there are some scams out there in the world of supplements.  A heated topic right now is the topic of colon cleansing and cleanses in general.  Coming from 20-plus years of scientific background and clinical practice has helped me keep an eye on what is real and what is not in the world of cleanses and supplements. 

I decided to do an Oxy-Powder review because there are a ton of wildly differing opinions about this “colon cleanse” supplement on the market today. When it comes to Oxy-Powder review or any review, it is only fair to actually try the product and break down the ingredients into their actual health benefits rather than take a biased opinion from what so-called experts are saying or what the public is saying. 

In other words, don’t knock it until you try it if it is safe and possibly effective. I’m going to review the ingredients and the research behind those ingredients for you, then give you my own personal experience with Global Healing Oxy-Powder. 

This post contains affiliate links.  Read more on my disclosure page. I only recommend products I know and trust for myself and my family. 

What exactly is Oxy Powder? 

There are two active ingredients and two capsule ingredients in Oxy Powder from Global Healing Center: ozonated magnesium and citric acid are the active ingredients  The magnesium is in the form of ozonated magnesium oxides and the citric acid is naturally derived. 

Capsule ingredients of the powder are cellulose fiber and organic gum acacia, which are both natural fibers used to make the capsule. 

Oxy-Powder used to have germanium powder, but it currently does not.

This supplement comes in capsule form and contains 120 capsules per bottle.  The form of supplements when it comes to products like these is important because tablets of magnesium are often very poorly absorbed, while capsule forms of magnesium may absorb quite readily [R, R].

Of note, effervescent magnesium is absorbed better than capsule forms if you are looking for the form that will get you the most magnesium per dose.

Claims of Oxy-Powder

The Global Healing Center (GHC) website suggests that Oxy-Powder cleanses and detoxifies, optimizes digestive health, reduces bloating and occasional constipation, and even keeps your gut healthy.  

Before I embarked on trying Oxy-Powder, I read a LOT of reviews about the product, too, both from the Global Healing Website and also from other popular product vendors like Amazon or eBay. The GHC website has over 4600 positive customer reviews. 

Many people say this supplement works better than laxatives, offsets the constipating side effects of medications, and yet has no cramping and urgency that can come with most laxatives.

Oxy powder colon cleanse reviews also say it works to help reduce constipation in a safe and effective way.  Some people use it when following a diet cleanse too. Others claim that Oxy Powder candida benefits are great too because they help get rid of yeast overgrowth. 

Do the Ingredients Support the Claims?

Let’s break down the ingredients of Oxy Powder. These ingredients are ozone in the form of ozonated magnesium oxide powder and citric acid. 


Ozone is simply a gas made of 3 oxygen molecules.  Ozone therapies are used in various settings for health.  According to the Journal of Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine, the use of ozone in medical applications is safe and may inactivate harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa in the gut [R]. 

The use of ozone may also help with intestinal health because it may increase the health of the intestinal wall and increase villous height as well as the DNA for the mucous lining according to early research work [R]. 

By causing minor oxidative stress, the use of ozone appears to also amp up the body’s own antioxidant systems, resulting in a net antioxidant effect according to early research.  These antioxidant systems include:

  • NRF2 
  • superoxide dismutase
  • glutathione transferase
  • Catalase
  • NADPH 

This type of antioxidant stimulation is called a hormetic effect.  While more research could be done to help support the health claims of ozone, moderate doses appear quite safe when used orally, according to Healthline.com

Uses that have been studied include rheumatoid arthritis, some types of cancer, wound healing, and diabetes to name a few.  However, high doses used in IV form or inhaled are thought to pose risks of respiratory distress or difficulty breathing. 

And of course, as with any natural treatments, only small studies have been conducted and more research is needed to make any health claims, positive or negative. Oxy powder colon cleanse is no exception. 

Magnesium oxide powder 

It is no secret that most Americans are low in magnesium.  This is due to processed foods, aka the Standard American Diet, perhaps depleted soils, and medications that rob the body of magnesium as well.  

The magnesium oxide powder in Oxy-Powder is likely better absorbed than magnesium tablets, which is the usual form you will find it in at the grocery stores or retail pharmacies.  

Magnesium’s health benefits are vast, with over 300 functions in the body. Here are just a few.

Bone Density

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps build a healthy bone structure.  Research shows it helps improve bone density.  For example, when magnesium oxide is given to healthy girls, it also improves bone density in a clinical study of 120 volunteers [R].  

Energy and performance

Magnesium is involved in making energy within our mitochondria, so it makes sense that our body stands to gain from magnesium supplementation, especially if you are low (most people are). This form of magnesium also may improve physical performance, as shown in a clinical trial of elderly women who were given magnesium oxide for a period of 12 weeks compared to placebo [R]. 

Supports the microbiome

Magnesium deficiency impairs the health of the gut microbiome and impairs digestive tract health  [R]. this lack of magnesium may result in increased feelings of anxiety and depression

In fact, some case reports of magnesium supplements have resulted in rapid improvement of symptoms of depression [R].

Reduces constipation

Supplements of magnesium oxide reduce symptoms of constipation by improving stool consistency and reducing the time between bowel movements via improving colon health according to a clinical study in people with chronic constipation [R].

Citric Acid

Citric acid is what its name sounds like: it’s the acid from citrus fruits that gives it the characteristic tangy sourness. Oxy-Powder has natural citric acid in it. 

This compound from citrus fruit also happens to be healthy because it enhances the absorption of the nutrients in your foods. Citric acid is also involved in the making of energy in the body. 

No big surprise here: it may even enhance the absorption of magnesium oxide, as it tends to improve all mineral absorption in the body. 

In fact, when magnesium oxide and citric acid, as well as picosulfate, are combined, they increase the colon cleansing effects as shown in a clinical trial where people were undergoing colonoscopy preps [R]. 

Summing up the ingredients

So you have ozonated magnesium which may help result in a net improvement in gut health when used properly, magnesium oxide, which reduces constipation and may improve bone density, bowel regularity, and mood, and add in citric acid for a boost of absorption: I really don’t get where the skeptics criticize this combination.  

And, for myself, a thorough review of the research made me confident in proceeding with trying the Oxy-Powder product. 

So here is my own personal account.  Bear in mind, that I don’t really ever get constipation, so my experience might be different from the experience of many other people.  I’m about as “regular” as they get so to speak. In other words, if anyone is going to get a bad side effect from this, it might be me because I don’t tend to need support in the regularity department. 

Oxy powder side effects

The only side effects of oxy powder that I could find are loose stools that resolve within a day of discontinuing the product.  That said, there are a lot of scares about using ozonated products due to the FDA statement claiming that ozone isn’t well enough researched to support the use and that side effects can occur in the respiratory tract.  

Still, the only way these side effects have happened is if ozone is inhaled or injected intravenously, so it seems a bit unfair to make blanket statements against the use of all ozone products. 

Make sure to be well hydrated and drink plenty of water if you decide to try Oxy-Powder.  This statement really should stand for everyone every day, but I think it bears repeating when you are trying a supplement that is treating constipation. 

My Oxy-Powder review

I embarked on using Global Healing Center Oxy Powder and here is my experience.  Needless to say, I was slightly worried based on the fact that I haven’t done many “colon cleanses.” 

The suggested frequency is 2-3 times weekly, but if you don’t achieve 3-5 stools the first day, follow up the next day with 2 more capsules until you achieve 3-5 stools.  I’m presuming that this is for when you want to do a colon cleanse. 

When doing an Oxy-Powder review, I wanted to give all the pros and cons.  Here is my experience:

Day 1

First, I took it like most people recommend: right before bed with a full glass of water, swallowing 4 capsules down. By the way, this is the suggested serving size on the bottle too.  I got up in the morning at my usual time, around 6, made my coffee, and started writing.  When I start to sip on my coffee, then have to “go” about like I usually do.  Perhaps a little more liquid than normal, but nothing major. 

Remember that I am very regular.  So, my experience was that my movement was a little more loose than usual, but not urgent and not in a huge volume. 

I stepped on the scale, as I usually do, and my scale was down a couple of pounds from normal too.  The volume of “movement” didn’t explain this.  Some reviewers also claimed that this supplement helped to get rid of a few pesky pounds.  I’m skeptical still, so I will weigh it again on Day 2. 

By later in the afternoon, I’m still feeling great; I go again and feel just fine; no diarrhea symptoms, no cramping.  My energy is good and so is my mood.

No pain, discomfort, no unpleasantness of laxatives.  My belly is slightly rumbly, but my entire digestive tract feels good.  I feel overall good, and have good energy today. 

Day 2

I take the supplement again as directed right before bed.  My dream was a little strange, but I don’t think this is related.  When waking my scale is back up to normal; no weight loss.  No biggie, really, my weight is just fine, I’m more curious than anything.

Instructions say to take Oxy Powder 2-3 times a week if desired, so day 2 is my final day for this week.  Again, I wake up feeling great and energized.  I don’t have to “go” as soon as I did yesterday but still do before I have to leave the house. 

Throughout the day, I proceeded to have a couple more bowel movements, so I achieved the goal of 3 bowel movements for a proper colon cleanse.  No urgency, no pain, no issues.  Just a brief few trips to the bathroom and I do in fact feel cleansed.

My head is clear, my belly feels good, no side effects. Oxy powder before and after for me is subtle, but definitely have no gas or bloating, and feel a good amount of positive mental energy.  This could be my body telling me that I’ve been needing some extra magnesium. 

Follow Up

Oxy-Powder really lives up to its name.  I actually look forward to the days when I take Oxy-Powder because my body feels so relaxed.  By modifying the timing of taking the Oxy-Powder, I even feel it works better.  Here is what I do now:

I take my Oxy-Powder in the morning since it takes about 6 hours to make me “go.” This way, my muscles and body feel extra relaxed throughout the day and clean at the end of the day.  My belly feels great for sleep that night and I sleep like a baby.


There are a lot of pros to using Oxy colon cleanse.  Using oxy powder is great for occasional constipation.  Many people don’t have the recommended bowel movement they need for proper detoxification every day. 

After all, if you are constipated, you are not ridding the body of toxic substances as you should.  Bowel movements are a key aspect of phase 3 detoxification in the body.  A type of algae called chlorella is also very helpful for this: chlorella health benefits include gut detoxification. 

  • It is energizing yet relaxing.
  • Give the body extra magnesium.
  • Reviews are largely positive.
  • Seems really gentle.
  • Not addicting.
  • No need to follow an extreme diet.


This Oxy-Powder Cleanse is a little more costly than your standard laxative. That said, the side effects are much less than laxatives and it is not addictive and does not cause dependency as laxatives do. In other words, you get what you pay for sometimes in terms of quality, safety, and effectiveness.  

Dosing at first glance looks a little scary: 1400 mg magnesium per serving.  Keep in mind, at best, 20 percent of magnesium oxide absorbs into your bloodstream, so at most, 280 mg will be absorbed in a day.  Besides, this isn’t something you are taking every day.  If you have kidney disease or any health condition, make sure to check with your doctor first before trying this supplement. 

Some people experience cramping and diarrhea, but overall, most people claim that this supplement works better than any other supplement for constipation. 

Buying Oxy-Powder

It is also available on Amazon here if you wish to go that route. If you want to see if magnesium oxide capsules do the same, you can give them a try and let me know your experience.


My Oxy-Powder review is a positive one.  I felt great using this product and based on the research about the ingredients, I’m also pretty convinced it is good for overall digestive health.  Is it a miracle?  No.  But, I do like it and will continue to use it.  

Oxy powder is a good source of magnesium at a very minimum.  I will recommend it to others who are suffering from constipation, as they likely need more magnesium in their diet anyway. 

There is no way of comparing Oxy-Powder versus straight-up magnesium oxide at this point, but it stands to reason that citric acid and ozone are also quite helpful in this supplement.  I’ve had clients with constipation tell me that magnesium oxide alone isn’t enough to resolve constipation symptoms.

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