MK Supplements Grassfed Beef Liver Capsules Reviews + Proven Benefits

MK Supplements Grassfed Beef Liver Capsules Reviews (2)

MK Supplements Grassfed Beef Liver is a relatively new product that is gaining a lot of attention because its regard to quality is impressive.

And beef liver capsules reviews are everywhere these days for many good reasons.  

For one, people are seeking out the long-lost benefits of eating organ meats.  

After all, beef liver is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. 

Personally, I find that taking a beef liver supplement is one of the best ways to help optimize health. 

I’m currently trying MK supplements beef liver capsules and in this review, find out why I’m using this product over others.

Here are the benefits and potential downsides that I’m currently noticing. 

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MK Supplements Beef Liver Capsules Reviews Overview

MK Supplements Beef Liver Supplement is, in my educated judgment, the best-desiccated beef liver on the market.  

Personally, I feel like it is a cut above all others for the following reasons. 

First, it comes in a glass bottle, so you won’t get any plastic chemicals into your body from this supplement. 

Not many beef liver supplements come in glass bottles and meet all quality standards. 

Second, MK Supplements Beef Liver meets the highest quality standards because it is third-party certified and GMP certified as well.  You can even find the inspection results on their webpage for each batch. 

Third and most importantly, it is from 100% grass-fed cows and is grass-finished, which means these cows are healthy and never see an ounce of grains.   The cows are pasture-raised in New Zealand, so they support a healthy ecosystem.

It is also non-defatted, freeze-dried, and free of additives, fillers, and free of artificial ingredients. It is also free of all major allergens.

This means that you get more for your money in terms of nutrients and health benefits. 

Quality details of MK Supplements

Overall product rating

Third-party inspected (GMP Certified)
Company reputation
Product benefits for health
Best-value compared to competitors
Best product quality (Grass-finished, superior nutrition)

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MK Beef Liver Capsules reviews: first impression

A clear benefit of taking MK Supplements for many consumers is increased energy.  I can definitely agree with this and find that if I consistently take a desiccated beef liver from high-quality sources, I feel better. 

Before I start a new supplement, I like to do a lot of product research about the supplement.  

MK Supplements Beef Liver is from a family-owned company and from an avid health and fitness guru, Michael Kummer.  If you haven’t checked out his website, you really should.  His product reviews and biohacking are quite impressive. 

In addition to all of the perks above, people also feel a boost in mood as well as energy when taking these beef liver capsules.  

While I admittedly have a lot going on in my healthcare routine, I usually add one thing at a time.  

I added MK Supplements on their own timeline to see how they would give me new gains in my health.  Or not.  

Quality and value of MK Supplements

First things first.

When I first open the bottle of MK Supplements every day, I notice a pleasant smell.  

To some people, they smell strong, but to me, they smell like a natural vitamin.  

And this is the point of taking the liver; getting natural vitamins and nutrients.  

By the way, it is important to look at the supplements you are taking and make sure they smell like they should. This is one of the first things I do for quality control when I start a new supplement.  

Does it smell like it should?  Does it look like it should? Yes, and yes, for this supplement. 

Each bottle contains a 45-day supply of supplements, which is more than most beef liver supplements.  And each serving costs less than a dollar, so these are a really good value too. 

I take double the serving size amount, so a bottle lasts me 22 days. 

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My regimen and protocol for adding a beef liver supplement

In the last month, I  diligently started taking 8 capsules per day of MK Supplements Beef Liver.  Four capsules equal about 1 ounce of fresh liver, so I wanted to go for an iron-repletion dose of 2 ounces of liver per day. 

Another way of looking at it is that with 8 capsules a day, I get about the equivalent of 400 grams of liver, or almost a pound of fresh liver per week.  

This adds up to about 20 grams of iron per week too. Not to mention, this form of iron is highly bioavailable compared to many kinds of iron. 

My quest to take this dose is because I have chronically low iron stores in my body.  The label says a serving size is 4 capsules, but I know I need more than that. 

Without going into the weeds about why I personally am low in iron, women of childbearing age are often very low in iron, as tested by blood ferritin levels. 

I also run low in active vitamin A. Natural vitamin A from foods like beef liver is the best way to get the benefits of vitamin A.  For women, one benefit of more vitamin A can be a reduction in heavy menstrual cycle bleeding.

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Why I supplement with MK Supplements beef liver supplements

The energy-producing part of the cells in your body is called mitochondria.  These little cellular features require high amounts of nutrients to function properly.  

It is no wonder that people feel more energy when they take beef liver supplements because of their nutrient density. 

When your cells have more nutrition and energy, they can function better.  This includes your heart cells, liver cells, your brain cells, immune cells, hormones, and more. 

The key is to be patient and consistent when taking liver supplements.  While they may not work overnight, they likely will help you feel better over time. 

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My iron levels when taking MK Supplements

Just so we are on the same page, ferritin is the blood test that determines if you have iron deficiency. 

I’ve struggled with iron deficiency my whole adult life. And so do around half of the women of childbearing age. Many people struggle with it and never realize the root cause.

Over the years, I’ve taken many iron supplements and even taken herbs that help curb blood loss.  

This combination has gotten my blood level of ferritin up from 12 ng/dl to 35 ng/dl. 

While this combination has been helpful, the highest I can get for my ferritin levels is 35 ng/dl. Ideal ferritin levels for women of childbearing age are over 50 ng/dl. 

This is based on some research and also based on every doctor or practitioner I’ve seen for this issue.

Good news! My ferritin did go up, albeit just a bit (but any increase is a win for me). It is now at 36 ng/dl and the other good news is that my iron saturation is well within the normal range at 27%.

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Why choose grass-fed beef liver

Grass-Fed beef liver is far superior to beef liver that is not grass-fed.   So, when supplementing beef liver capsules, you will obviously want the liver to be from grass-fed and grass-finished cows.

To name a few reasons to choose grass-fed over conventional, grass-fed beef liver has more omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, antioxidants, and carnosine. 

And it goes without saying that cows are meant to eat grass and not grains.  

Their ruminant stomachs don’t tolerate grains and sadly, conventionally fed cows are fed foods that they aren’t designed to metabolize.  

The harms of this are then passed along to you. 

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MK Supplements grass-fed beef liver pills customer reviews

Desiccated liver reviews of MK Supplements and other beef liver supplements are almost absolutely positive.  

One big reason that people like to take beef liver for their vitamins is that they don’t have the weird side effects that can come from synthetic vitamins

My review of MK Supplements fits along these lines of positive reviews because I undoubtedly gained many health benefits from adding this brand of supplements. 

Part of the reason people seem to universally experience more energy is that beef liver is rich in nutrients that support a healthy thyroid.  These nutrients include selenium, vitamin A, iron, and vitamin B12

While no clinical studies have been done to validate this, people with chronic fatigue almost universally feel better when taking beef liver. 

They also belong in a gut healing regimen because of their high nutrient content. 

Benefits for hormones and sleep

Reviewers also find that their hormonal issues resolve or lessen when taking beef liver supplements like MK Supplements.

Others experience lighter menstrual periods, and less cramping too. While I’m not sure if it is coincidental or not, I also had a much easier period after starting MK Supplements Beef Liver. 

Still, others sleep much better from these supplements.  This could also be because of better hormonal balance due to increased nutrient intake.

People trying to gain muscle and become leaner and fit also really love the benefits they see when they take beef liver supplements. 

Many people also find that their skin and hair become more healthy and some even lose less hair after supplementing for a while. 

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MK Supplements beef liver capsules benefit your nutrition

I’ve been a huge fan of eating organ meats for a long time, including beef liver. Within liver supplements, there are a huge amount of nutrients and vital compounds.  

Not surprisingly, beef liver even contains collagen peptides. 

For a detailed description of nutrients in desiccated beef liver, you can read my post 12 Best Desiccated Liver Supplements.

Here is a partial list of the nutrients that you get from grass-fed beef liver capsules: 

  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Potassium

MK Supplements beef liver nutrition facts

Here are the specific amounts of nutrients in MK Supplements per 4-capsule serving size:

Betaine (1.2 mg): helpful for digestion, Choline (93.3 mg): good for eye and brain health

Vitamin B1 (0.1 mg): good for energy, Vitamin B2 (0.8 mg) helps with energy, Vitamin B3 (3.7 mg): necessary for protein metabolism, Vitamin B5 (2.0 mg) essential for energy metabolism, Vitamin B6 (0.3 mg): essential for a healthy mood and protein metabolism, Vitamin B9 (81.2 mcg): good for reproductive health and heart health, Vitamin B12 (16.6 mcg): necessary for energy and nerve health,

Vitamin E (0.1 mg): helps protect cells from oxidative stress, Vitamin K (21 mcg): necessary for bone and heart health. Vitamin A (4,732 IU): helpful for healthy skin and female health,

Calcium (1.4 mg), Copper (2.7 mg), Fluoride (11.1 mcg), Iron (1.4 mg), Magnesium (5.0 mg), Manganese (0.1 mg), Phosphorus (108 mg), Potassium (87.6 mg), Selenium (11.1 mcg): essential for immune function, Sodium (19.3 mg), Zinc (1.1 mg): supports immunity and heart health. 

Coenzyme Q10 (1 mg): essential for heart health, Hyaluronic Acid (25 mg): protects joints and good for skin health. 

MK Supplements Nutritional Facts

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Buy MK Supplements beef liver

You can shop for MK Supplements Beef Liver here and get 15% off if you use the code THEHEALTHYRD.

Alternatively, you can buy it on Amazon.  But, you won’t get the discount code if you purchase this product from Amazon. 

Other good beef liver capsule products:

Some good competitors on the market are out there today. They include:

  • Vital Proteins Beef Liver
  • Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Liver

Still, I really do like the small-size company of MK Supplements best and also the fact that they come in a glass bottle. This sets them apart for quality.

Why take a non-defatted beef liver supplement

It is important to buy a beef liver supplement that is non-defatted. This is because the fat carries important nutrients like conjugated linoleic acid, omega-3 fats, and vitamin A. 

MK Supplements is non-defatted. This means that there are no harsh chemicals or solvents used to de-fat this product either. 

Why freeze-drying is important

Eating fresh liver is ideal when it is available to you.  

Taking a freeze-dried beef liver capsule is the next best thing because the freeze-drying process retains almost all of the nutrients that are in beef liver. 

What is more, freeze-drying may make more nutrients available than eating cooked liver because high-heat cooking causes the degradation of some nutrients. 

Are MK Supplements Beef Liver Capsules a good value?

Yes. If you use the discount code THEHEALTHYRD you can save 15% off the retail price. This translates to a cost of $0.88 per daily dose, which is a better bargain than Ancestral Supplements or comparable brands.

Plus, there is a 45-day supply in each bottle compared to most which only contain a 30-day supply.

It would be hard to get anything this nutritious for less money, in other words.

Returns on the product

If for any reason you need to return MK Supplements and aren’t fully satisfied, you can get a full money-back guarantee on the product.  

How do they taste?

Because they are in a capsule, there is literally no taste in these supplements. 

This is a big perk for people who don’t love to eat liver. 

What is the best time of day to take beef liver supplements?

I usually recommend taking beef liver supplements whenever it works best for your schedule.  

For me, this means that I am taking them with my dinner.  

You can also start the day off with these for a nice energy boost. 

Drawbacks of taking beef liver supplements

The only drawback I can see to supplementing beef liver is that it takes quite a few capsules to equal a fresh serving of beef liver. 

Luckily, capsule forms of beef liver are easier to swallow than beef tablets.  

Honestly, I don’t find it to be very problematic, though.  

It takes just a few seconds out of the day to take my capsules. 

Should anyone avoid beef liver supplements?

Beef liver has been eaten by humans since the dawn of time.  

As a general rule, eating liver and taking liver supplements is safe for almost everyone.  

The only exception would be people who have a condition called iron overload or hemochromatosis. If you have this condition, make sure to avoid eating iron-rich foods like liver. 

And, another obvious reason to avoid taking beef liver would be if you have an allergy or sensitivity to beef. 

As always, check with your healthcare practitioner before adding in any new supplement to your routine. 

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