How to Find the Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement Brands + Fascinating Health Benefits

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If you are looking for the best reishi mushroom supplement brand out there, you aren’t alone. This is because many people, and even health professionals, have come to realize the health benefits of reishi mushrooms. 

Reishi mushroom supplements do vary a lot in quality, so this post is dedicated to helping you make the best choices when buying a reishi mushroom extract powder or tincture. 

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Criteria for picking the best reishi mushroom product

Dietary supplements, including reishi mushroom supplements, are not all created equally.  The ideal Ganoderma lucidum dietary supplements will display the following on labels or in product reviews: 

  • Organic mushroom product
  • GMP-certified or third-party tested
  • Contains primarily the fruiting body and spores
  • Does not contain the mycelium or contains minimal mycelium
  • Highly rated and highly reviewed

In the sea of mushroom supplements out there, it is hard to discern whether or not your mushroom supplements meet these quality ratings. The top-rated reishi mushrooms at the beginning of this post meet all of these rigorous standards.

Best reishi mushroom supplement brands

When reviewing all types of reishi mushroom supplements, a common problem comes up: many brands use a lot of mycelium in their products.  

The reason this is a problem is that the mycelium is the mushroom root system and doesn’t contain much of the active mushroom compounds.  

I truly could find only five brands that are primarily mushroom fruiting bodies and they are Real Mushrooms, Nature’s Way, Gaia, and Freshcap Mushrooms brand. 

Highest Quality Brands

Here is a quick rundown of the best reishi brands if you are in a hurry:

All in all, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these brands because they meet the quality criteria that I will describe in detail below.

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Real Mushrooms Reishi Capsules

Real Mushrooms Reishi capsules for the best reishi mushroom supplement brands post by The Healthy RD

Real Mushrooms Reishi Capsules are made with 100% organic reishi mushrooms that are dual extracted from steam and alcohol. This mushroom brand gets great reviews and is distinct because it is one of the only brands that does not contain any mycelium. It contains the active compounds with the fruiting body of Reishi.

This brand is also scientifically verified for its active polysaccharides content and for its beta-glucan content. With 3rd party testing, this is a great mushroom to try.

Freshcap Reishi Powder or Capsules

Freshcap Reishi mushroom capsules

Freshcap Reishi Mushroom Powder is the next best because it is also only the fruiting body of reishi mushrooms and it has verifiable levels of active compounds.  Fresh Cap brand is 100% pure Reishi extract made from whole mushroom fruiting bodies and also contains cracked spore powder. Verified for purity and for its high levels of active compounds.

Its reviews are higher than most for actually making people feel a noticeable difference in health and well-being. 

The other great thing about Freshcap is that they are solely a mushroom company and they grow all of their own.

Gaia Reishi Mushrooms

Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom Capsules contain only the fruiting bodies of the reishi and do not contain the mycelium.

It is also free of grain and rice fillers. Gaia Herbs is a trusted company because it abides by Oregon Tilth standards, one of the most rigorous standards for organic production, and is also a certified B corporation.

This highly-rated Reishi mushroom capsule is one you can rely on for quality and sustainability.  The label doesn’t disclose the extraction method, however.

Natures Way Reishi Capsules

Nature’s Way Standardized Reishi Capsules contains 10% standardized polysaccharides of Reishi and is highly rated.  Nature’s Way abides by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility by NSF and sets the bar for quality in the supplement industry. 

It is hard to beat Nature’s Way Reishi supplements for affordability too.


Anthony’s Organic Reishi Mushrooms

Anthony’s Organic Reishi Mushrooms contains a minimum amount of 30% polysaccharides according to its label and it is the most affordable Reishi supplement out there.

It is also USDA Organic and non-GMO, like all Anthony’s Organic products. And you can find Anthony’s Organics on Amazon.

Nutricost Reishi Mushroom Powder

Nutricost Reishi Mushroom powder is highly rated and is also certified organic. 

It also is a stronger concentration of reishi than most at 1000 mg per scoop. 

However, the label doesn’t disclose which part of the mushroom is included in the supplement and the capsule form of this brand is mycelium only.

Still, Nutricost Reishi Mushroom supplement reviews get very high ratings and for that reason, it is listed here. 

What are reishi mushrooms?

Ganoderma lucidum or lingzhi are also known as Reishi mushrooms.  Most commonly referred to simply as Reishi mushrooms, these fascinating mushrooms naturally grow in humid regions of Asia. 

Did you know that Reishi mushrooms look like the shape of a kidney because of this, they have traditionally been used to help support kidney health among other health conditions.  

The Reishi mushroom itself is a symbol of health and long life in traditional cultures and is known as the Mushroom of Immortality.  Used for thousands of years as medicine, there are many potential benefits of taking a Reishi mushroom supplement [R]. 

It’s important to know that most people use Reishi as a medicinal mushroom because it is somewhat bitter to eat as food. 

Reishi mushrooms benefits list

Reishi mushroom products can have numerous health benefits.  For a quick summary, here is a list of research-backed and purported benefits of Reishi: 

  • Stress-busting
  • Good for autoimmune conditions
  • May help thyroid function
  • Immune benefits
  • May reduce cancer risk
  • May help balance blood sugar levels
  • Helps with energy
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Good for the heart
  • May help with mood

Now, let’s take a closer look at what the research says about the health claims listed here. 

Health benefits of reishi mushrooms

Like other medicinal mushrooms, reishi mushrooms have a long history of use for many health benefits. 

Reishi’s claim to fame these days is that it is used as an adaptogen for stress and is also often used for its calming properties as well as sleep benefits. 

You will know this is true because any of the thousands of mushroom products on the market today are geared toward reishi’s overall calming effects if used long-term.

Adaptation to stress

While more research needs to be done, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that reishi mushrooms help the body adapt to stress by supporting healthy adrenal function [R]. 

This is because reishi is rich in antioxidants and increases cellular energy levels. 

By supporting a healthy stress response, people may also be able to sleep easier and relax better. 

Immune support

Reishi increases natural killer cells in the body, which is an important determinant of immune health [R]. 

Several other research studies show that reishi mushrooms can help improve normal immune function.  One study focused on the way that reishi, along with herbs, was able to reduce symptoms of asthma [R].

Another study focused on the fact that reishi mushrooms are able to increase immune cells like CD3, CD4, CD8, and tumor necrosis factor as well in people with advanced colon cancer [R]. 

The Mushroom of Immortality also helps improve immune function in competitive athletes [R].  

Obviously, many questions remain about how reishi immune benefits work, but so far, the result looks pretty helpful. 

Reduces fatigue

There is no magic bullet for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, but Reishi may at least help.  

There are several research studies that show how Reishi is able to improve energy and quality of life.  This is true both in breast cancer patients and people who struggle with chronic fatigue [R, R].

May reduce cancer symptoms

Research supports that reishi may help people feel better and recover better when they have cancer.  It goes without saying, however, that using reishi as part of a cancer regimen should never replace standard care. 

One study found that using reduced colon tumors when using 1.5 grams of reishi mushrooms over a 12-month period [R].

In a review of 5 studies of Ganoderma lucidum, 4 found that patients using reishi had improved quality of life compared to those who didn’t use reishi mushrooms when undergoing cancer treatment [R]. 

Calming for the body and mind

Not only is reishi linked to improved life quality, but it may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, according to a study done in women undergoing breast cancer treatment [R]. 

Using reishi mushroom supplements also improves feelings of well-being in people who suffer from neurasthenia [R]. 

May improve cardiovascular health

Like all other mushrooms, including chaga mushrooms and turkey tail mushrooms,  Reishi mushrooms are nutritious and contain beta-glucan fibers that can bind harmful cholesterol in the gut.  This means that reishi has the potential to help reduce cholesterol and other risk factors like high blood pressure too [R].  

Using reishi is just one of many lifestyle factors that can help keep you healthy, so remember to eat right and skip processed foods for the best heart health. 

Rich in antioxidants

Like other kinds of mushrooms, reishi contains lots of antioxidants that can help fight free radicals in the body. Early research shows that in diabetic mice, reishi mushrooms help to increase antioxidant enzymes in the body [R]. 

Other research shows that the antioxidants in reishi may help to protect the heart by reducing the damage of alcohol according to a rat study [R]. 

It is important to get a wide array of antioxidants in the diet from a healthy diet rich in vegetables, wild-caught fish, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices to name a few. 

Does Reishi help prevent or treat diabetes?

There are many protective substances in reishi mushrooms, including polysaccharides and terpenoids that may help with blood glucose control. 

Numerous animal studies show that reishi mushrooms help to lower blood glucose [R]. 

One human study also found that using reishi mushrooms helped to lower blood glucose levels in 71 adults with Type 2 diabetes [R]. 

However, not all research supports the use of reishi for diabetes.  Likely, just like anything, a holistic approach to helping manage diabetes that includes healthy foods like mushrooms is the best bet. 


Reishi mushrooms are very safe to eat. However, if you are allergic to reishi mushrooms, or other mushrooms, it makes sense to avoid using reishi supplements.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body and is shared for educational purposes only. While The Healthy RD’s posts are backed by research, you are unique, so you must seek care from your own dietitian or healthcare provider. This post is not meant to diagnose or treat any conditions. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making changes to your supplement regimen or lifestyle.

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