Virtual Gastric Band For Long Term Weight Loss

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique that uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. Your unconscious mind will think that it has had a small band placed around the top part of the stomach so that you feel fuller faster and more satisfied sooner.

There are moments in our lives that can change our health for the positive.   If I could tell you the most important thing I do for myself, besides healthy eating, is self-hypnosis.

Most of what we do with our lives is in our subconscious minds, whether we realize it or not.

More importantly, what we do with our subconscious mind is more in our control than we think.

I recently met Lynn Thier; she is a clinical hypnotherapist who is doing some amazing work to help people get healthy.

She told me about the research with gastric band hypnosis and its great success with weight loss.  Research shows an average weight loss of around 40 lbs with this very safe and positive technique.

Here is information about the virtual gastric band; find out if it is right for you.

So what is a Virtual Gastric Band?

A virtual gastric band is a type of hypnosis that helps retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. The program develops a healthy, natural weight control system, based on the natural biological signals of eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied, rather than forming an emotional attachment to food and eating.

The program addresses emotional and psychological issues as the root of an individual’s ultimate need to begin – and continue – overeating or emotional eating.

There are predictable results (over 95% success rate in clinical trials) with ZERO risk.  No invasive surgery or potential side effects.  The virtual version deals with the issues in a person’s mind and their relationship with food.

What Are The Benefits of a Virtual Gastric Band?

The program enables you to form new healthy habits that you can maintain easily and permanently, there is no deprivation, no constant thinking about food and counting calories, and you eat consciously, slowly, and mindfully.  The result – is steady, progressive weight loss.

Gastric band hypnotherapy can be useful for not only general health benefits through supporting weight loss in overweight and obese clients, but it can also potentially reduce the risk of developing other conditions associated with obesity.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Most people who follow a “diet” will lose weight while they are still motivated to be on that diet. But, as soon as the diet stops, the weight invariably returns, often leaving them heavier than before the diet began! It is estimated that 95 percent of all people who diet experience this cycle.

Most diets include some form of deprivation and/or denial; some involve counting calories, or points, but all merely serve to program the mind to think about food. How often have you gone on a diet and obsessed about all the food you “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t have?  Now, i’m all for having a “strategy” that works, and eating healthy will give you more energy and better health overall.

Denying your favorite foods could cause more problems such as “binge eating”, or obsessing about when and how you can eat your “denied foods”.

How often have you said to yourself – “OK, it’s Monday: “That’s it! I’m going on a diet! Just as soon as I’ve had my dinner. And then I’m going to eat only salad and protein drinks.” Of course, the good intentions quickly lapse and it’s back to Stage One… and misery all over again!

Because most eating habits and all habits are deeply ingrained in the unconscious, we need to get to that unconscious mind to make changes stick, for good.  Conscious self-denial can often increase the desire for that very thing, and eating a little less than we need but eating what we enjoy (within reason of course) – can actually lead to shedding weight.

Cutting out favorite foods completely may not be a great idea… but cutting down on those foods is achievable and sustainable.

Everyone knows that eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body shape, improved fitness, and all-around health. The virtual gastric band program employs a pseudo-gastric band and other mind management techniques to help clients get the results they want and deserve.

The result is steady, progressive weight loss – without depriving oneself.

What happens in a session for virtual gastric band?

During the gastric band ‘procedure’, the client is guided gently into hypnosis, where we can access their unconscious mind and increase the person’s susceptibility to positive suggestions.  Suggestions that the client wants for themselves.

The therapist then takes the client through the gastric band procedure, remember, this is an operation of the mind.  There is no pain or discomfort, just deep relaxation.

Although the client in hypnosis remains aware of what’s going on around them when in hypnosis the unconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between what’s real and imagined…  the unconscious mind can in fact influence the real physical responses that the client feels after the session is finished.

Everyone experiences different effects from gastric band hypnotherapy, with some people experiencing the sensation of physical tightening in their stomach, while others are unable to identify any conscious connection to the ‘surgery’, but are naturally eating less, and feeling satisfied on much smaller portions of food.

What’s Involved?

There are four one-on-one (or small group) Hypnosis sessions for you over four to six weeks which are designed to bring about permanent change in your eating habits, as well as Emotion Code Healing Sessions and as a bonus, Time Line Therapy(R) … and,  Nutrition Consultations & Education as well.

Phase 2 and 3 are for maintenance and further assistance in reaching your ideal weight. There are simple guidelines to follow to support yourself on your journey. This isn’t a short-term fix. We enable you to create new habits to successfully maintain your results.

How long are the hypnosis sessions?

The first hypnosis session is approximately 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes each. You will also be given a 15 min Audio to listen to every day to reinforce new habits and help make a permanent change.  Location is no barrier, Lynn works with clients via zoom video feed as well as in person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

What If I Can’t Be Hypnotised?

Everyone who can follow instructions & directions can benefit from hypnosis. It is simply about following the suggestions. If you can listen and follow suggestions, you can be hypnotized. Which means you can achieve successful results with hypnosis.

How Will I Know If I Am Hypnotised?

There is no special feeling of whether or not you are hypnotized. Hypnosis is experienced as a state of being deeply relaxed. That’s all it is, deep relaxation.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. No one has ever been hurt using hypnosis. When you are in the relaxed state of hypnosis you are still awake and aware of everything that is occurring. You are still in control and you cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do.

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