Are Ancestral Supplements Kidney Capsules Worth the Money?

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If you have allergies or histamine intolerance (or other health issues), you may be wondering if taking Ancestral Supplements Kidney capsules is worth the money.

The short answer is yes. 

Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Kidney supplement is made of 1 simple ingredient: grassfed bovine kidney. It doesn’t get much purer than that.  

But let’s dig into the fascinating topic of this truly ancestral tradition of eating kidney organ meats.

Also, this is not a paid review. The opinions in this post are my own. 

Why Should I Eat Kidney Organ Meat?

In the tradition of using a like-treats-like approach to healing, eating kidney organ meats makes sense. 

The kidney and intestines make a powerful enzyme that breaks down histamine in the body. This enzyme is called diamine oxidase (DAO). 

DAO breaks down histamine so it naturally reduces allergic symptoms. This means it is also great for people who suffer from histamine intolerance. 

By eating beef kidneys, you get a large dose of DAO enzyme that helps neutralize histamine.

Another perk of eating kidney organ meat is that it is very rich in nutrients like iron, selenium, and vitamin B12 that help support natural energy. 

Kidney also contains specific proteins and peptides that are building blocks of healthy tissues in the body. 

These are known as biodirectors by some health experts. 

Please note that as an Amazon affiliate, I make a small amount of income from purchases from this post. See disclosure page for more information.

Traditional Uses for Eating Kidney Organ Meats

Kidney organ meats have been eaten for as long as humans have been on the planet. Traditionally, they were used as medicine for supporting kidney health, urinary health, supporting energy, and vitality. 

This makes sense because the kidney makes hormones, enzymes, and biodirectors as mentioned above. It is an organ that also filters our blood. 

About Ancestral Supplements Kidney Capsules 

If you are like most people these days, it’s challenging to fit organ meats into the diet on a regular basis. 

Supplementing with organ meats like Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Beef Kidney supplements can fill in these gaps.  And the Ancestral Supplements company is as reputable as it gets in the world of organ meat supplements. 

The perk of this specific kidney organ supplement is that it is from pasture-raised beef from New Zealand and Australia. It is grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning that these cows are raised on the food they are supposed to eat. 

They are also freeze-dried and non-defatted meaning that they retain all the nutritional qualities that they possibly can. 

Customer service with this company is as outstanding as I can personally state. I’ve contacted the owner numerous times and he’s prompt about answering questions. 

Importantly, ratings are exceptionally high from thousands of reviewers on multiple retailer websites. 

Returning the supplements is a breeze if for some reason you aren’t happy with them. 

And they are allergen-free.

Last but not least, these supplements undergo rigorous third-party testing for purity. 

Are Ancestral Supplements Kidney Capsules Worth the Money? 

My strongest conviction in life is that you can’t put a price on health. And health is the only thing that is truly worth anything. 

As such, anything that makes you healthier is worth the money. 

But let’s break down how much this supplement costs and if it’s worth it. 

Each bottle of Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Kidney capsules contains 180 capsules with 500 mg in each capsule. Each bottle costs $44. 

The recommended dose per day is six capsules daily. But many people feel tremendous using half the dose at 3 capsules a day, including myself. 

So, for around $22 a month, I get better energy, reduced allergy symptoms, improved mental clarity, better mood, and better libido. 

Not too shabby I’d say. 

I’m definitely not alone. Many reviewers share their life-changing stories with this pretty incredible supplement. I’ll walk you through some of these reviews next. 

Ancestral Supplements Kidney Supplement: My Review

I already mentioned some of the benefits I feel when I take Ancestral Supplements Kidney supplement. Let me give you some more details and background. 

But keep in mind this is my personal account. Everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you. 

Since my early teen years, I’ve had allergies and misery related to them: itchy skin, fatigue, dizziness from inflamed sinuses, congestion, and postnasal drip. 

I’ve found many natural antihistamines that really help, including vitamin C, bovine colostrum, nettles, and more. 

But, I have been taking a lot of other organ meats and noticed the very powerful benefits, so adding in Kidney organ meats as the logical next step to see if they would have any additional benefits above and beyond my current regimen.

Let me tell you, it was within 30 minutes of taking it the first time that I felt a noticeable increase in energy and vitality feeling. My body receives this supplement well right away, and pretty dramatically. 

Admittedly, I had a very slight sensation of light-headedness for a couple of days right after I took this supplement. However, it was not unpleasant and didn’t disrupt my day. By the fourth day, this lightheaded feeling was gone. I chalk this up to a healing reaction as I described above.

Will this happen for everyone? Not necessarily. 

But, lots of other people get their health back with these supplements. I’ll quote some of the other benefits people get from them. 

And remember, this doesn’t replace your routine visits with your healthcare provider. And make sure to check with them before starting anything new. 

Other Ancestral Supplements Kidney Reviews

There are almost 3000 reviews on Amazon alone for Ancestral Supplements Kidney capsules, so I encourage you to read them here

Some of the top testimonials for this supplement report fewer allergies, less itchy skin, a reduction in migraines, improved kidney health, increased energy, increased libido, improved detoxification, reduced food sensitivities, 

Remember, these are reviews, not scientific studies, so take them for what they are worth. But, people overall absolutely love this supplement. 

“I was having kidney pain daily. After taking Kidney my pain is gone.”

“Energy. Boost. Better. Sleep. Overall. Well being. Thanks Ances Supps. Great. Job.”

“I have Interstitial cystitis and I also was coincidentally born with only one kidney. After taking this supplement, I now very rarely have flare which is more of a heaven-sent thing than I can even begin to put into words!”

“OK, so reporting after a few weeks of taking the supplements.


The histamine issues have almost disappeared, it is really incredible.

I am also sleeping much better and having more energy and my mood is stable.

I am eating without fear 🙂 such a relief _/\_”

“After looking up research on mast cells, I found your company and decided to try the kidney supplement for histamine reactions. React to EVERYTHING I eat or touch. I can tell it’s already started to calm my system and inflammation in just two days! Eating a meal without my stress response going off is a win and I can’t believe it made that big of a difference so quickly. I must have not had enough DAO enzyme and this is doing the trick. Take only 1 pill 20 minutes before I eat in the morning and will for a while before working up to more. If needed. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I have a well-founded hope of actually regaining some health thanks to you. Sensitive bodies must try!”

“I have been taking Kidney for histamine issues, which has significantly improved over the last few months!! I started taking intestines shortly after to help with my gut issues, which I think is the underlying cause of my histamine intolerance that recently developed. I also take Living Bone since I am allergic to dairy. I am also taking beef tallow because I have a hard time eating beef or chicken fat without wanting to barf! But since I’ve been taking all these supplements I have noticed significantly better bowel movements, smooth nails (they used to be rigid), and fewer histamine issues!! I am hooked on Ancestral supplements! So I’m happy to share how my regiment is going!”

Best Way to Take Kidney Organ Meats Supplements

As a natural DAO enzyme supplement, Ancestral Supplements Kidney would seem like one that you can just dive into. Beef kidney supplement benefits are many because of their high nutrition content and active compounds. 

But it’s not easy for everyone. 

Let me tell you, it is best to start with 1 per day especially if you have a history of healing reactions or healing crises.

This means that you can feel worse before you feel better due to a healing release of toxins in the body. Some of these symptoms can include: 

  • Tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Aches
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Skin changes
  • Stuffy nose
  • Congestion
  • Other symptoms

After taking 1 beef kidney supplement per day for a week, you can increase it by 1 per week until you get to two per week on two days by the third week. 

The point is, take it slow especially if you notice any side effects. But, if you feel great right away, you can increase to two of them on the second day, three of them on the third day, and so on. 

Beef Kidney Supplement Side Effects

As previously mentioned, our health needs are all different, so some healing reactions can occur if you take a full dose of these right away. 

The healing reaction symptoms are listed above and include nervousness, nausea, congestion, skin changes, and others. But, these aren’t the typical symptoms as most people feel much better when taking Ancestral grass-fed kidney. 

Also, if you have iron overload or hemochromatosis, you should avoid taking this supplement because of its high iron content. 

My Current Organ Meat Regimen

I’ve been taking organ meat supplements for years and they are a tremendous benefit to my health.

The things that I’ve noticed are a dramatic improvement in my menstrual cycles, especially with MK Supplements Heart and Spleen supplements. I take 4 of these daily. This is the organ meat combination that is also highest in iron. 

I take 20 grams of Bulletproof Collagen daily for skin and bone health. 

I also take MK Supplements Bone and Marrow supplement for energy and joint health (4 per day). 

Additionally, a cornerstone in my routine is Ancestral Supplements for Grassfed Intestines (4 per day). This one virtually makes me have a perfect trip to the bathroom every day. 

For good measure, I also sometimes add in Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Beef Brain. This one is great for mood and cognition according to me and many reviewers. 

The latest one I’ve added in is 3 capsules of Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Kidney organ meats. The energy, vitality, and allergy relief are phenomenal. 

By doing all these things, I’m getting the building blocks for healthy tissues in my body. I feel a ton more vital.  I won’t ever be without organ meats again. 

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