6 of the Best Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement Brands + Benefits

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Turkey tail mushrooms are among the many medicinal mushrooms worth buying, so this post is dedicated to helping you find the best turkey tail mushroom supplement.

Like many medicinal mushrooms, Turkey Tails (Trametes Versicolor) get their name from how they look: like a turkey tail.

However, most people don’t have access to foraging Turkey tails or harvesting their own. 

For most of us, it helps to find out the best brands of Turkey Tail by learning the criteria that make them the best.  It’s also great to become informed about the many health benefits of Turkey tail mushrooms.

You can learn about all of these factors in this post.

Best Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement Overview

The main criteria for choosing the best turkey tail mushrooms are the following quality measures for some top selected brands:

Fresh CapGaiaReal MushroomsDouble WoodPeak PerformanceHost Defense
Contains the fruiting body/full spectrumx
Steam or hot water extractionxx
GMP/3rd party tested
AdditivesnonenoneSilicon dioxide, stearic acidRice flournoneBrown rice

As you can see, these top Turkey Tail brands are all fairly close in regard to quality. Let’s take a closer look at each of these brands and criteria.

Criteria for the Best Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement

In order to get the highest quality Turkey Tail mushroom supplement, here are some important criteria to look for. 

  • Contains the fruiting body or full spectrum-this means that the mushroom supplement contains the fruiting body, which has most of the active compounds in it.  However, some good-quality supplements are full spectrum and also contain mycelium. Some full-spectrum brands even may contain primordia and spores. By being a full-spectrum mushroom, it contains all phases of the mushroom. This enhances the mushroom supplement’s active compounds. 
  • Organic Turkey Tail– by choosing a USDA organic Turkey Tail mushroom, you are avoiding harsh chemicals and pesticides in your supplements. 
  • Fairtrade and sustainably sourced– most Turkey Tail mushroom supplements state that they are ecologically grown and sustainably sourced.  This is important to continue the production of these precious mushrooms. 
  • Steam or hot water extracted-for maximum absorption, Turkey Tail mushrooms should be heat extracted or steam extracted. 
  • GMP certified/3rd party tested-most reputable mushroom supplement companies these days have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and/or 3rd party testing that they disclose on their websites. 
  • Contains PSK/Standardized beta glucans-the best Turkey Tail mushroom supplements list the active compounds called beta-glucans and PSK. 
  • Free of additives or minimal additives-to help assure that you are getting a high-quality Turkey Tail supplement, it helps to have products that are additive-free or contain minimal additives. Mushrooms are often grown on a rice medium, so supplements can contain a small amount of rice. But it’s best to have supplements that have less than 5% of the growing medium of rice in them. 
  • Positive Turkey Tail mushroom supplement reviews-client satisfaction usually says a lot about the quality of a product, so you should look for products or companies that have hundreds of positive reviews when possible. 

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    Fresh Cap Turkey Tail Mushrooms

    Fresh Cap

    Freshcap Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules, one of the best turkey tail mushroom supplement brands

    Fresh Cap Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements are one of the best Turkey Tail mushroom supplements on the market.  This is because they are both organic and hot water-extracted for maximum absorption. 

    They also contain a standardized 35% beta-glucan content, which is a high percentage of beta-glucans.

    A great feature of this brand is that their Turkey Tail supplements come in both powder and capsule form, so you can have the form you prefer. 


    • Gets great reviews
    • 60 servings per container 
    • Immune enhancing
    • Contains the whole fruiting body of the Turkey Tail mushroom
    • Hot water extraction methods used for high-potency
    • USDA organic mushrooms
    • Both capsules and powder forms are available
    • GMP certified supplements
    • Free of pesticides, fillers, and heavy metals
    • Non-GMO
    • Tested for potency 


    • A bit more expensive than some brands, but the company often offers sales and discounts.

    Real Mushrooms Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements

    Real Mushrooms

    Real Mushrooms Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules, one of the best turkey tail mushroom supplement brands

    Real Mushrooms Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement Capsules are among the best turkey tail mushroom capsules because they have more than 30% standardized beta-glucan content.  Not only that, they are very transparent about their certification as USDA organic status and their purity. 

    They also have no grain fillers and are purely the potent fruiting body of the Turkey Tail mushroom. 

    For clarification, the capsules but not the powder form do contain a small number of safe additives. These are silicon dioxide (naturally found in food), microcrystalline cellulose (fiber), and may contain stearic acid (a type of natural fat). 


    • Hot water extraction is used for high-potency
    • USDA Certified Organic mushrooms
    • Free of major allergens
    • Standardized to have >30% Beta-glucans
    • No additives and no grains
    • Come in either 90 or 200 capsules with 500 mg each
    • Like the other brands here, are great for pets and people
    • Verified for quality at accredited 3rd party labs
    • 45 servings per container
    • Comes in both capsules and in powder form


    • Contains a small number of additives in capsule form, but is additive-free in powder form.

    Gaia Herbs Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules

    Gaia Herbs

    Gaia Herbs Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules are from the reputable Gaia brand which has a long history of a great reputation for quality and purity.  In fact, this company has been trusted by consumers since 1987. This product is one of the best Turkey Tail capsules supplements because it has no fillers or additives and is certified organic through Oregon Tilth too. 

    All of the Gaia products are grown with regenerative agricultural practices and it also comes in eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, each Turkey Tail mushroom and product is tested for quality, and purity, and is free of heavy metals and toxins. 


    • Contains standardized beta glucans at 135 mg per capsule
    • Oregon Tilth Organically certified
    • Regenerative farming practices used
    • Contains the highly potent fruiting body only
    • No fillers or additives, no grains
    • Rigorous potency testing and purity testing
    • Free of Corn, Dairy, Gluten, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Sugar, Tree Nuts, and Yeast
    • Readily available online and in retail stores


    • Does not mention the method of extraction
    • More expensive than most brands

    Double Wood Supplements Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules

    Double Wood Supplements

    Double Wood Turkey Tail is another great option to get high-quality Turkey Tail mushroom capsules. If you are on a budget, this is one of the best values too.  It costs under $20 for a 2-month supply. Similar to the other brands listed here, the Double Wood Supplement Turkey Tail supplements brand is USDA organic and is also grown in the USA. 


    • USA-grown and manufactured
    • USDA organic Turkey Tail
    • 2-month supply per bottle with 120 capsules per bottle
    • 3rd party inspected for quality
    • A certificate of analysis available that discloses the high beta-glucan and polysaccharide content
    • Only contains a trace amount of rice substrate
    • Great for both people and their pets
    • Like the other Turkey Tail supplements, it is rich in antioxidants 


    The website doesn’t mention its method of Turkey Tail extraction. It also doesn’t mention its sustainability practices. Comes in capsules only. 

    PEAK PERFORMANCE Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules

    Peak Performance

    Peak Performance Turkey Tail Capsules is another high-quality Turkey Tail supplement that shines.  This brand also features a USDA organic and full-spectrum mushroom, which means it contains the fruiting body and the mycelium. 

    This Turkey Tail mushroom supplement also is US-grown and 3rd party inspected for quality.  


    • GMP certified for quality and purity
    • USDA organic Turkey Tail mushrooms
    • Contains the fruiting body and the mycelium
    • No additives, fillers, or grains
    • The company donates a bottle of vitamins to a child in need for every bottle purchased in the Vitamin Angels project
    • No gluten, dairy, soy, or corn


    • The method of extraction is not disclosed 

    Host Defense Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement Extract

    Host Defense

    Host defense Turkey tail extract has to be mentioned in this post for the simple reason of popularity and rave reviews.  This supplement gets over 5000 positive reviews on Amazon, making it a Turkey Tail supplement that can’t be ignored.  

    While this supplement contains mushroom mycelium only, the overwhelming improvements in health people claim may be able to stand alone. Research shows that mycelium also contains potent compounds as well. 


    • These Turkey Tail capsules are USDA-organic
    • Activated by freeze-drying
    • USA-grown and harvested
    • Sustainably grown
    • Contains a standardized 550 mg of polysaccharides per serving
    • No harmful fillers or additives
    • Free of gluten


    • This Turkey Tail product is mycelium only
    • Contains brown rice

    Turkey Tail Mushroom Health Benefits

    Turkey Tail mushrooms are well-known for their immune support benefits and are traditionally used to help prevent and manage cancer.  

    Because they are rich in prebiotics, antioxidants, and nutrients, they have a whole host of other health-boosting effects too.  Let’s take a closer look. 

    Rich in Many Antioxidants

    Many medicinal mushrooms, including Turkey Tails, are rich in antioxidants. The Turkey Tail mushroom is rich in flavonoids that reduce free radicals and oxidative stress.  

    They also contain compounds that may help prevent brain issues because they have acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities.

    By reducing free radicals, these healthy mushrooms also help to decrease inflammation in the body. 

    Turkey Tail Mushrooms have Nutrients

    Like most mushrooms, Turkey Tail varieties contain nutrients like B vitamins, healthy fats, and amino acids like leucine, methionine, and tyrosine. 

    Keep in mind that most people eat small portions of Turkey Tails, so it’s doubtful that your nutrient intake will change a whole lot from a supplemental form of mushrooms. 

    Help Prevent Diabetes Complications

    Turkey Tail mushroom supplement benefits may include helping diabetes. This is because mushrooms like Turkey Tail have compounds that can help manage diabetes or help prevent diabetes. 

    For example, they contain prebiotic fibers that reduce insulin resistance and antioxidants that help protect tissues from inflammation. This is because prebiotics enhance the gut microbiome. 

    In an early study, Turkey Tail mushrooms helped reduce glucose levels and triglyceride levels in rats.  

    While more research is needed, it’s safe to say that Turkey Tail is certainly worth a try for people who have diabetes. 

    Improves Immune Function

    One of the biggest benefits of medicinal mushrooms is the ability to bolster immune system function.

    These fascinating mushrooms contain polysaccharopeptides, including krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP), which may help boost your body’s immune system.

    As you’ll see, that’s one reason so many people are interested in this mushroom’s potential role in fighting cancer.

    May Help Treat Cancer 

    Using Turkey Tail mushrooms alongside cancer treatment isn’t a new phenomenon.  Some cultures use these healthy mushrooms alongside conventional treatments and for good reason.

    In fact, a review of 23 clinical trials using Turkey Tail mushrooms concluded that these mushrooms reduced the risk of death, improved immunity, and improved the effectiveness of cancer treatment compared to control treatment among people with various kinds of cancer.  These types of cancer include stomach cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. 

    Additionally, people taking the mushroom supplements in these clinical trials had fewer overall side effects than those who did not get mushroom treatment. 

    May Reduce Infections

    Most medicinal mushrooms are good for the immune system, and Turkey Tails are especially adept at helping with immunity

    For example, a study of people with HPV infections who were given Turkey Tail mushrooms along with Reishi were much more likely to clear their infections than people in a control group. 

    Some research even shows that Turkey Tail mushrooms may help fight harmful bacteria such as E. Coli. 

    Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement Side Effects

    Turkey tail mushrooms have little to no side effects.  As noted above, people taking Turkey Tails may have fewer side effects than people who do not take them. 

    Usually, they are very well-tolerated unless you take a very high dose. In this case, it is possible to have some digestive issues such as bloating or nausea. 

    Also, you should avoid Turkey Tail mushrooms if you have a mushroom allergy or sensitivity. 

    As always, you should check with your healthcare provider before starting Turkey Tail supplements. 


    What is the best time to take Turkey Tail mushroom supplements?

    Any time of day will work. 

    What is the best way to take Turkey Tail mushroom?

    In my experience, the best way to take Turkey Tail mushroom is in powder form and make it into a tea or mix it in coffee.  Hot beverages increase their absorbability.  Most brands of Turkey Tail mushrooms are already exposed to heat to improve their effectiveness. 

    How long can you take Turkey Tail mushrooms?

    Studies have shown that taking Turkey Tails is safe for periods of 10 years or more.

    How long does it take for Turkey Tails to start working?

    It can take several weeks for you to notice a difference in your health after starting to take these mushrooms.  

    Are Turkey Tail mushrooms energizing?

    Many medicinal mushrooms are known to help improve energy and reduce fatigue during exercise, such as cordyceps mushrooms. One early study found that Turkey Tail mushrooms may reduce fatigue as well. 

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